Fighting Project System

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Well ... I have to admit that I didn't expect to see that much of people to ask me to activate again the Fighting Project System, it was forever dead to me.

But ! After a lot of requests, the Fighting Project System is back online on a region, Riot City, currently the only region enabled and there is no plan to add more for now. I've learn from the past mistakes and for sure, having multiples regions without enough players, is one of them.

To celebrate this, I decided to offer a level 12 to everyone who are willing to join the FPS during the next 2 weeks. Even tho you are not a new player, you can contact me to adjust your level, if, of course, you have a lower level. I won't be available during the next week so please, be patient while I process your request and enjoy this time to learn (again ?) the meter.

If you are from other systems, you are able to request a free xp transfer, please see

And for some of you that leave the FPS, there is the most important changes:

Note: You can't ask for a redelivery for...
Hi !

The version 0.8.3 is on the way with a new design of the HUD. It can takes some time to done it as I want to have a final design. I will make my best to finish it asap with current bugs that I know.
If you have bugs to report, please report it at or you can contact me directly in-world (Heyter Nitely)

The improvement of in-world servers I made the May 1st needed to be test, thanks of the rolling restart of regions, I was able to see if it was correctly working.
Good news, it works like a charm and all objects/messages has been correctly delivered ! :happy:

Also, as you probably know, I released a survey about the system and some of you answered it and I would like to give you a special thanks for it. This survey doesn't mean the end of the system, on the contrary, it helps us to grow in a good way.

I read every answers and I will react to every points that you mention:

How likely is it that you would recommend the system to a friend ? Please explain briefly why

A: 3, because not so many people playing and no many sim using this meter

I know about this issue and I'm very sorry that people who remains on the system are affected so much by this.
I'm still trying to make my best to bring you the best experience you can have in SecondLife, I'm still working on the meter even if it takes some additional time due to my current RL.
An advise that I can give you is that bring your friends into the meter and make them discover the system. You can find the current official SIM that run the Fighting Project System at the HQ

A: 3, depends on the friend. theres a lot to get to know unlike some meters where you just pick a race and class and go

This is what I want, have a complete system. This way, you can spend more than 1 day to use the system and don't get bored. You can find all...
Hey !

As I don't like to let you without any news, I decided to introduce "Status Report" to give you the current state of my work on the FPS.

I just finished to improve FPS' in-world servers to be sure that you will always have 100% of chance to get the message/objects you requested. Before, when the region of the HQ was down, you wasn't able to received any messages or different objects. Now, instead of 1 server for the whole system, there are 4 servers on 4 different regions to be sure that everything can get correctly delivered in time.

Also, it seems that lot of you requested to increase the level cap. Well, to be honest, I wasn't really hype to do this before the release of the incoming Levels Update. So my current idea is to increase the max level to 50 with a long time between each levels to be sure that you will not reach it before I release the update. (That will change a lot of things about leveling, even, something totally new.)

I noticed that a lot of players left the system since 2 regions closed, I noticed it and I would like to thanks all people who are still around on remaining regions to support the meter.

Thank you for reading.
First of all, some news regarding the system.

For now, as we have less than 3 ACTIVE SIM using the system, we decided to temporary remove the Adventurer quests. It will not come back until we got 3 active sim. (If you have any ideas about new quests, please let me now: Heyter)

Also, we are very happy to announce you the official Fighting Project System Wiki !
It will helps new players to get started with the system. More informations will be add, more page of the wiki will appears on special features but for now, we want to release that main part for new players.


And finally, we want to show you a big update about the Sheet into the Account player website.

This new feature is about Saving your custom build of points for your upcoming respecs instead of trying to remember where should put the points over and over against some specific class, now you can save them and name them as you want, also you can update a build that you already have, just put the same name as an existing one and it will update eh values,

How to saving them? Follow this steps.

Go to Profile - Change Class - Pick your Class - Go to the Sheet - personalize your points as you wish - Go to the Build Management Button - Save - Name your Build - Save the current build.

How to use your saved build? Follow this steps.

Go to Profile - Change Class - Pick your Class - Go to the Sheet - Go to the Build Management Button - Restore - Click in the list of your saved builds - Apply.

How to update a build ? Follow this steps.

Go to the Sheet - personalize your points as you wish - Go to the Build Management Button - Save - Name your Build as the build you want to save - Save the current build.

There will be two buttons when you do the respec.
Easy and expert.

The Easy button: You have a limit of points to...

the favorite colors has been added to your account !

You want to quickly change between different colors ? Here you go, 7 slots to save your different favorite colors in your account website, Profile Tab.

If you want to save your current color, click on "+ Favorite" before any other movement !

Here is a quick tutorial:

we decided to limit the possible respect during the BETA. Seems that some players abuse that function to be powerful just for an event (Like being Tank just for a Last Man Standing). Anyway, you are now able to respect only once per 2 weeks for regular players, 7 days for Medium and 4 days for Premium. If you want to cancel that delay, please have a look here:

We also decided to reduce the numbers of Ground Hours to 7 hours.
The following hours are Ground Hours: 12PM, 3PM, 4PM, 5PM, 8PM, 9PM, 10PM SLT.

Hi !

We decided to down the world-wide tick from 2 XP to 0XP. You will still be able to use the FPS everywhere but you will not earn any XP.

We also decided to create a 3 Months pack of our membership plans:
  • Premium 3 Months pack: 1755l$
  • Premium: 650l$
  • Medium 3 Months pack: 810l$
  • Medium: 300l$
As you can see, 3 Months packs get a 10% off !

And finally, we introduce "Ground hours": 7 hours in a day when you will not be able to earn any XPs in Skyboxes. These 7 hours are 12PM, 3PM, 4PM, 5PM, 8PM, 9PM, 10PM SLT. It's really important for us to make our best to prevent people to camp all the day in their skybox.
We are currently hiring some redactors.

Your mission will be to write lot of stuff about FPS to complete all documentations needed for the future.
You need to have a really good English.

This mission is well paid :ok:
We are finally proud to be able to show you our totally new design on our websites.
Different URLs are the same, except one, your player account.

Please, let me present you the totally new interface to control your account

Please, understand that it might have still some bugs, if you have anyone, please let me know !

We hope that you will enjoy our new design as we enjoyed to done it.

we are currently working on our websites so you can be affected by some bugs/errors.

Sorry for the inconvenience.