Outdated 1 Year Anniversary: 0.8

Discussion in 'Release Notes' started by Danny, Jan 14, 2016.

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  1. Danny

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    Mar 14, 2015
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    We are proud to finally be able show you the total content of our very special 1rst Anniversary update:
    • The new max level is now 45.
    • Added different sounds: "Offense, Healing, Support available" (Menu -> More -> )
    • Provocation will now deals you 1.5 more damage than 2.
    • You can't die from range damage while Idle.
    • Survive skill will now be affected by Reinforcement.
    • Fixed the bug that let you send different skills even after defeated.
    • Fixed DOT that continued even after death or connection/disconnection.
    • Added 4 new Skills, see their full informations here: https://fps.yt/skills
      • DPS: Silence
      • Healer: Invisibility
      • Tank: Depress
      • Caster: Fear
    So, you think that's enough ? Haha, oh no, there's MORE !

    We also included, for the first time in Second Life a membership plan designed for people who want to financially contribute to the meter with a few benefits in return. Pay2Win ? NO WAY, of course not and we're very aware of not making those with money having an advantage over those who don't. Want to know more? Please, have a look on the complete thread ! https://fps.yt/premium

    "We waited all this time for just this ?" Ehhm... No, one more thing...

    We also included, another ground breaker for SL gaming meters for the first time in Second Life, Daily & Weekly Quests to complete during your game !
    We think the best way to optimize your gaming experience is to bring you something to do every day and every week ! This is exactly what the quests are designed for. Another interactive and fun way to gain XP aside from the norm ! Complete each of these new quests and earn XP ! For more information here: https://fps.yt/quests

    Lastly, we are including some random events during the day.. so keep on your toes and mindful in the chat, you might suddenly be the center of said events.

    We are very proud and excited for these updates and we hope that you will enjoy them as much as we enjoyed thinking of and making them!
    We are also incredibly thankful to all of you, our awesome FPS community you are the people who help the meter by testing it, trusting it, making clans, role playing and having fun with it everyday. So in appreciation we will continue to strive in advancing and adding to the content of FPS in turn hopefully making it what you, our community wants and enjoys!

    ... Thank you and enjoy the new update ! :love: