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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Danny, Jan 14, 2016.

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    Mar 14, 2015
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    Today, we are proud to present you the first membership plans for a meter inside Second Life.

    The decision to introduce these membership plans is only to allow you support the meter in a fair way, which means that, instead of donating directly to the meter without anything in return, we thought to include different advantages to the players who want to support. We are very thankful to the ones who will buy one of the membership plans shown below, as a contribution to the meter to help paying who work with us and we are open to listen all advantages you can ask for, just contact Shirley Uborstein or Heyter Nitely.

    200L$ for 1 week
    390L$ for 2 weeks
    550L$ for 3 weeks
    650L$ for 4 weeks

    • +1XP per tick on official SIM.
    • Every Sunday, 4 hours of DXP at 11AM to 12:59PM SLT and 8PM to 9:59PM SLT
    • Get 5 slots to save a build (Sheet part of Account Player) instead of 2 !
    • Choice to hide your level when you are out of fights.
    • Customize your icons on your meter. [​IMG]
    • Customize your color texture HUD.
    • Choose to display Icons or Life / Energy / Ammo / Level.
    • Choose to display only percentage of your Life/Energy on your meter while you are in fights.
    • Choose to turn off your own XP tick. (You will be at 0XP/5Min)
    • Choose to turn off the progression of Quests.
    • The respect timer is 4 Days instead of 15 Days.
    • Enable the option to change the color of your meter according to your Life pourcentage.

    WARNING: These membership plans are only OPTION ! You aren't forced to take one of them to play in FPS.

    To pay your membership, you need to go to the Headquarters and use the Membership Terminal (The tablet on the wall)

    To change your Premium/Medium Settings, it's at

    Unfortunately, no refunds are possible.
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