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Discussion in 'Status Report' started by Danny, May 14, 2016.

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    Hi !

    The version 0.8.3 is on the way with a new design of the HUD. It can takes some time to done it as I want to have a final design. I will make my best to finish it asap with current bugs that I know.
    If you have bugs to report, please report it at or you can contact me directly in-world (Heyter Nitely)

    The improvement of in-world servers I made the May 1st needed to be test, thanks of the rolling restart of regions, I was able to see if it was correctly working.
    Good news, it works like a charm and all objects/messages has been correctly delivered ! :happy:

    Also, as you probably know, I released a survey about the system and some of you answered it and I would like to give you a special thanks for it. This survey doesn't mean the end of the system, on the contrary, it helps us to grow in a good way.

    I read every answers and I will react to every points that you mention:

    How likely is it that you would recommend the system to a friend ? Please explain briefly why

    A: 3, because not so many people playing and no many sim using this meter

    I know about this issue and I'm very sorry that people who remains on the system are affected so much by this.
    I'm still trying to make my best to bring you the best experience you can have in SecondLife, I'm still working on the meter even if it takes some additional time due to my current RL.
    An advise that I can give you is that bring your friends into the meter and make them discover the system. You can find the current official SIM that run the Fighting Project System at the HQ

    A: 3, depends on the friend. theres a lot to get to know unlike some meters where you just pick a race and class and go

    This is what I want, have a complete system. This way, you can spend more than 1 day to use the system and don't get bored. You can find all informations to know at, or even in-world, asking players directly in different group or in regions. For specific informations that it is not displayed on our different websites, you can ask me directly.

    A: 3, FPS is a system scripted in such a way that it gives advantage to the higher level player which is a very bad idea as appealing to new players is very limited. The reason is because the lace of Race/Class selection and skills that differ based on these selections. In other meter by choosing a race and class you are presented with skills specific to race and class and the way you chose these skills determine how well you will be in combat. Players like that their own choices may give the an advantage and when they don't they will most likely very again by choosing a different race and skill set which keeps them interested in the meter because they are presented with options. FPS has so few options that players become bored. Since I am an admin and assist in all aspects of running a sim with FPS as the combat system I talk to players and I listen to their ideas and opinions and in the majority of cases the top complaint is the lack of character creation and specific skills per race and class. The second issue is the lack of a skill hud that so many players are used to. I promote the meter because I want to see active players but sadly there are few.

    On every games/system, higher levels will always be more strong than lower levels simply because what will be the point of growing if you never get more stronger than other players ?
    The reasons of why there is no specific races are, first, the balancement between every combinaisons of races/classes. In FPS, I have currently 4 combinaisons to balance, it is very easier as I'm not a pro on balancement and secondly, because I want everyone to have the race they want. If someone want to be a Predator, they can.
    There are currently 24 different types of skills in the system, including Offense, Healing and Support Skills. Adding to these types, you can also add the skills which are AOE, so a little bit more.
    Players are still available to choose a Starter Skill, it's a little thing as option but it's still a thing tho.
    If I decided to implement 8 races, I will have 8 x 4 combinaisons to balance, even if it's a little changement, it will still have more and more to balance and be careful at to not create a SUPER OP combinaisons.
    Some teaser: There will be more classes at the version 1.0, 8 to 10 classes, still not decided yet but I'm pretty sure that you will like the different classes and way to choose them.
    About the Skill HUD, it's on the way as I announced right there:

    A: 3, only two islands

    Sadly, it's not up to me, otherwise there will be a whole continent dedicated to the system. To people who want to know and think about taking a SIM, even if it's not for FPS, Linden Lab is making some discount on regions:

    Is there anything that you found particularly confusing in the system ? If so, please briefly describe.

    A: Sometimes translations were a little bit misleading

    As you probably know, English isn't my native language so sometime I can miss some translation. If you are willing to help and have some time to, please contact me so we will be able to improve current/future translations.

    the hud is easy to use but you need to go through alot of menu's for one button as well as names of what buttons are would be helpful to new players, website is ok but would be a good thing to have specific areas on left or right side for quick selection

    (My answer has been write after IMing this person to know exactly what he wants to meant)

    Help on HUD are available at the HQ on the right wall or on the wiki.
    You told me about switching the place of XP Info and Shortcuts as Shortcuts is probably more important than XP Info, I wrote this on my thing, I will think about it for the next update. :ok:
    If you want to know all informations you might need, inside the package of the system there is a notecard called "FPSystem - Useful Links", it sum up every shortcut links available for the system.

    A: Like any other system, one needs a help from another player to get started. This is totally normal in my opinion, especially when a new comer have not used any combat system before. What was surprising for me personally is that I did not see any race, just classes, so one can be anything they want to be, a chair, a tree or sunglasses. O.o

    Not really, you must have a RP race. You must change your race if requested by a FPS officers.

    A: the captcha - at the beginning I accidentally ignored the numbers. And the suicide - not sure what exactly that is for except for the fun animation

    The system have an automatic dock when you miss the captcha 5 times in a row within a week. This automatic dock is enabled only for players above the level 14.
    The suicide option can be a surrender option in Roleplay, you're up to use it in the good situation !

    What are the features that are not currently in the system that would be the most important for you?

    A: more classes, specific weapons for each class, more skills, some kind of Fame points or Blood points to could learn special skills of murder, kinda like World of warcraft xD, or something interesting and unique that make u want be there and do it alot, NO MORE CAMPING XP, im really bored of it, maybe a crafting system,

    More classes are coming on the next version.
    About weapons, they are on the way. Even if the first weapon to come will be free weapons included in the package to be sure that every single new players have a weapon to fight with.
    About camping XP... This is a way to thanks fidelity of players. I know this is a huge problem and that's why I added Quests into the system, to have another way to earn XP than camping or roleplaying.
    Crafting system is not in mind right now maybe in the future.

    A: more skills of same categories already in system as well as new skills and effects would be nice

    New skills, if you have some ideas about it, you can contact me in-world.
    Particles effects with skills are WIP. This is one of the part of scripting where I'm weak but I found something in Marketplace that will help me a lot for this so.. I will do it.

    A: more , better , different sim based for example in a master RP North - East -west - south themes ( desert - snow mountains - sea etc) People can register in one sim as (for example) resident of this country in North and have +1 xp there and -1 at others . Is good if the theme of the sim has a light dress code too , this will create more loyal to their "countries" people , helping RP and creates fighting competition among countries .People can change their registration to this country once every 2 or 3 weeks .....(sorry i know i wrote alot)

    It's a really good idea but it's impossible as for now, no owners with that much of SIM are around and I can't afford to pay that much of regions, sorry.

    A: longer skill times, higher levels, would be nice if only healers could use ranged

    The current skill times are good to have a dynamic system, something very nervous and that's what I want for the system.

    A: i believe it was good to take exp. in non fps sim too , is a good advertisement for the system and can bring new players in because we will wear our meter all the time , also is good to encourage making new clan with specific number of members so no more clans with 150 members and clans with 10 like ccs but equal number of members in each clan , so the leader of the clan will try to have active and good players in , training them ( maybe quests for clans will be an interesting adding )

    It was, yes. But soon as a lot of people was abusing this feature, I needed to shut it down.
    You can still use the system everywhere even if you don't take any XPs.
    The problems of clans is that you can't force people to stay with some people they don't like, this is not how you can enjoy your experience during the day.
    Now, you can't have that much of unbalanced fights as it's written in our rules:
    • You must be fair-play at anytime in any situation. That's the most important rule, it's first a game, not a competition to know who have the bigger.
    and have a fight, 30 vs 10 players, it's not fair-play.
    I can't make automatic quests for clans right now. If you are willing to organize events into the system, as "general" events and not just events specific to a sim, you can contact me, I'm looking for someone who can do this.

    A: I am sure you get that a lot, the camp checks are so frequent (around one capcha every 30 mns that is so much for any system and trust me, some are too inpatient to stay), this is so annoying and might drive some ppl to other systems where they can level up a lil easier. B. Would be very exiting if each skill makes a sound where two ppl fighting can actually know (with experience) what his/her enemy used on themselves. I can elaborate on this part, contact me in world I would be happy to giver some ideas.

    The time between each captchas will be increase, except when you are in skybox.
    Hm, playing a sound every time you receive a skill will be a quite annoying I think. Specially in huge fights, I'm not sure about it yet, I will think about it.

    A: races and seperate skill sets for those races. mostly its the highest level that wins as theres no real skill involved. having races would broaden skill level and make fights more interesting

    I already explained my point about races above and I'm not sure that race would broaden skill level and make fights more interesting than right now.

    What, if any, are the features you disliked above all others ?

    A: All of it. Too much additional crap and less basics.

    Sorry but my wish is not to make the FPS a basic system. If you want a total basic system, you are free to use the LLCS.

    A: Camping for XP, Lag meters, Takes to loooooooooooong to lvl up, same shit monotonous of everyday in all systems only different names. NO tournaments 1vs1.

    Lag meters... I'm not sure about what system you played to be honest and I will be glad to discuss how others meters with that much of features will react in situation we had in FPS.
    Takes to long to level up ? That's the same, you can reach the max level in around 3 months, without quests.
    Not sure if you played the FPS or another system.
    Tournaments 1vs1 need to be organize by the staff of a sim, you can bring them your ideas if you want to.

    A: one of the issues ive noticed is that you can only melee one target at a time, if it was possible looking into that matter so that melee hits all in front of avatar

    This is a really good idea. Expect to see it soon.

    A: that i have to wait for cooldowns and cant throw any more than 2 skills of one type at a time.

    FPS is the only system where you can throw 2 Offenses at once.
    You will be able to only throw 1 Healing/Support skills at once, my mind about this is not about to change yet.

    A: Not above but, the very high frequency of captcha. Also, at login or at the teleportation into an FPS sim, the player is immediately combative, I know from previous experience this will lead to a lot of drama and OOC BS

    I might add a timer to prevent this in the next update.

    A: quests. its the only time people want to interact with you, for a badge, or they just want to camp for xp

    You are not forced to accept their request. If they do it tho, contact a FPS Officer, it's something that we totally don't want.

    My experience would have been most improved, if I knew more about...

    A: stat information and changes that it may help with

    Stats information will not be release at this time.
    You can find all changes on the system at and

    A: % of points and also some guie telling me what to do from the first day if i dont have a clan, like following quest for newbies, i saw many new players confused about what to do if they dont have a clan from the start, so i think would be good idea create some quest for beginners to lvl up fast, just an opinion. or system of crafting for all :PPPPPP

    If you are willing to help and make your own guides on whatever you want for the system, feel free to post them right there: If they are really good, it might be used as official one.
    About quests, I will multiply by 2 the reward of each quests for every players under level 20

    A: skill stats - damage output and all the numbers associated with it. I like math lol

    You can find all informations about the skills on, is there is anything missing, you can IM me, I will fix it.

    A: Maybe some training for use of the meter and initial skills

    For new players, all of our groups are open and available to be used for any help they need. Otherwise, at the HQ, there is a list of Officers of FPS, don't hesitate to IM one of us if you need anything such as help to start the meter.

    Any other comments or feedback you would like to add ?

    A: The system needs more 2xp events and more thing to get the players attention

    2XP event are not designed to force people to come in the meter only because of the XPs. They are very rare event that I activate on special events such as Christmas.

    A: I'm going say this not everyone is cut out to be a sim owner-.-

    If you think this or have any issues with owners, you can contact me or Shirley Uborstein in-world. We are very open and we will the best for the community and the first point for this are Owners & GMs.

    A: We need more people , more sim , enemy clan like ccs ( fps is more a spar system , quest like killing for exp helping more to be all friends killing each other :P ) , actually there is no active RP in this system ( at least no one follows an RP ) , more quests .

    More quests, if you have any ideas of quests, you can IM me and I will be glad to talk with you about.

    A: Stop adding "features" and focus more on role play If you want to keep people playing fps instead of them going back to ccs where there actually is rp and less npc crap.

    Sorry but I don't want to create a copy of another meter, the feature that you're complaining about are here to be different from other and hopefully, to seduce players.
    What can I do to be more focus on role play ? I really would to discuss about it with you, as you didn't mention your name on the top of the survey, I'm waiting for your IM.
    Plus, I can't force people to RolePlay. I'm making my best to encourage them to make Roleplay as our reward system for RP that you can find at

    A: 1. Players standing around more than necessary. They are not roleplaying to entice combat and bring life to the whole FPS community. Create tasks involving a role play and open a tab dedicated to role play on the FPS forum for players and management to post. Nothing builds a sim if not it's story and history. Create tasks that are rewarded with XPS 2.

    In fact, there is already a role play tab in the forum, you can post whatever you want about roleplay right there:
    I will contact you in-world to know what do you have in mind for these tasks.

    A: the camp checks are too close together and bring back respect when you want to. global rules - each sim should have choice for rp before or after attack

    You can respect around once per 2 weeks if you are a regular player. With our membership plans, you can respect quicker, please check this link
    Global rules, we decided to force the RP before each attack to prevent people to make savage PvP. What is the pleasure of being attacking and loose 50% of your life before you noticed it ? There is no pleasure.
    Regions are up to choose 3 mins to 30 mins of RP before each attack, check their rules to know it.

    A: Think the FPS would be benefit from more RP focused stuff and events - not just NPCs, perhaps encourage group on group battle events, or girls vs girls etc...

    You are probably right, as I already said, RP also need to be from players themselves, I can't force people to make RP but, you can still contact SIM owners to bring them your ideas on different events / RP events, I'm pretty sure they would like the help ;)

    Next to this survey
    • There are the major already done changes:
      • The delay between each captchas has been increased.
      • When you will miss 4 times in a row within a week the captcha, you will be dock at your_level * 100 + 4000 XP. (Player level 30 will be dock at 30 * 100 + 4000, so a total of 7000 XPs). This is something applicable to players above level 19.
      • The reward of each Quests has been multiplied by 2 for every players under the level 20.
    • There are the major incoming changes:
      • XPs and Levels will change and the maximum level will be increase to 55. Stay tuned on Status Report. It will be a definitive change.
      • Fidelity & Fidelity+ quests will be accessible only to players with a level under 30.
    The survey will stay open and I will continue to read the different future answers. Don't be shy and don't think it's useless ! You can find the survey at
    Exceptionally, this status report will be open to everyone to answer. Feel free to react or ask any questions if you want to.

    Answers are authentic and has been not modified as I wanted.
    Answers has been selected to be sure they are correct and I can answer it.
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