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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Danny, Aug 18, 2017.

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  1. Danny

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    Mar 14, 2015
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    Well ... I have to admit that I didn't expect to see that much of people to ask me to activate again the Fighting Project System, it was forever dead to me.

    But ! After a lot of requests, the Fighting Project System is back online on a region, Riot City, currently the only region enabled and there is no plan to add more for now. I've learn from the past mistakes and for sure, having multiples regions without enough players, is one of them.

    To celebrate this, I decided to offer a level 12 to everyone who are willing to join the FPS during the next 2 weeks. Even tho you are not a new player, you can contact me to adjust your level, if, of course, you have a lower level. I won't be available during the next week so please, be patient while I process your request and enjoy this time to learn (again ?) the meter.

    If you are from other systems, you are able to request a free xp transfer, please see

    And for some of you that leave the FPS, there is the most important changes:

    Note: You can't ask for a redelivery for the healers/dummies. Please, if you want a relidevery, contact me.

    The system has been enabled from my old backup on a fresh new server. This means, even after my tests, some features can be broken. If so, please send me a message and I will fix it asap.